Excursios with VULKANKULTOUR
Climb Vesuvius - you will be overwhelmed. Approach an active lava flow - you will be overwhelmed. Directly witness a volcanic eruption - you will be overwhelmed. Believe us and join us. We are VULKANKULTOUR, a tour operator from Munich, Germany. Our aim is to show you a volcano as comprising as possible. We will approach the volcano's craters as close as possible while deeply respecting nature and its forces. We will drive around little volcanic islands on motorcycles, have a bath on a black, volcanic beach or watch "Stromboli - Terra de Dio" of Roberto Rossellini in a little bar on Stromboli. We will show you local traditions, culture, and savoir-vivre. Our policy is to show you as many facettes as possible for a fair price and in a small group.

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